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Japanio Disvolvas Ĝian Lertan Maskon Inter Koronaviruso

Japanio Disvolvas Ĝian Lertan Maskon Inter Koronaviruso

Hard times lead to great achievements; do you believe so? Before the coronavirus outbreak, creativity and invention didn’t mean a lot to many but these days have proved initiatives and ingenuity would make a huge difference across the world.

A true example is Japan’s brand-new invention: smart mask startup, which had paused its project before, returned to the business to apply creative face masks in the new, critical situation. The Donut Robotics has developed its C-FACE mask which is able to connect to the internet via Bluetooth. Once connected to a cellphone, the mask can help the mask wearer with keeping their social distance; it can even translate and digitalize the wearer’s voice. Equipped with a microphone and a software, the smart face covering is able to translate words into 8 languages, making communication more comfortable amidst the pandemic.

Samira H.